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New Blogspot On My Website

I no longer blog here. Please join me on my website at

My current blog is called Join the Conversation.

In October, I run my October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge. Read about it on my website and join us!

Hope to see you there!


Story or Reality?

This is the end of this blogsite.

It served as a beginning for me – a foray into the online world of reality writing. (Today, I made this recipe by Julia…  Yesterday, my happiness project was clearing away the clutter in the garage… Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to write a query letter…)

It smacks too much of summertime TV for my liking.

Some people can carry it off. Their blogs are useful, or funny, or inspiring enough to genuinely entertain us. I applaud them. I even follow a few, myself.

But I’d really rather sit down with a good book and be blown out of myself into the world of story. Maybe you would, too. I hope so, because really, the ongoing, multi-faceted tale of what it is to be human, in all its manifestations, is our story, our only story, the story we need to hear over and over until, against our will, we begin to understand ourselves and each other.

There is nothing else. Nothing else we need to do, nothing better we can aspire to: Just understand.

Story can do that. Story’s the sugar that coaxes us to swallow truth.

So I choose to write story instead of reality. I choose ‘what if’ instead of ‘how to’. Because ‘what if’ will get you anywhere you need to go, if you’re willing to put in a little effort. And if you’re not, you won’t get there through ‘how to’, either.

Thank you for visiting me here. It was a good meeting place, but it’s not where I live. Instead, come over to my website, and share with me what really matters. Story.

What if…?

See you there!

Jane Ann